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It’s easier to keep up than to catch up

March 9, 2009 | Time Management | RSS 2.0

Hi.  My name is Chris, and I’m a procrastinator.  (They say that admitting it is the first step to recovery!)

I have a tendency to let papers get to be a stack 4 inches high before I start grading… and then looking at a 4 inch pile gets pretty disheartening.  I should know better – I learned the lesson at Basic Training.

While at Basic, we were assigned into ability groups for some morning runs.  I was one of the faster people in my group (full disclosure: it was a pretty slow goup, so that’s not saying much).  As a budding young leader, I was often in the rear of the formation encouraging the weaker runners and stragglers.

When people started getting tired and wanted to drop out of the group, my job was to encourage them to stay in formation.  The farther back they fell, the harder I encouraged; fall farther behind and it’s tougher, both physically and psychologically, to cover that gap.  Better to put your mind to keeping up, rather than have to deal with the extra stress of catching up….

Now if I could just remember that as soon as I collect an assignement!

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