Listen to the little guy

March 23, 2009 | Motivating students | RSS 2.0

“Give me enough ribbon to cover their tunics, and I can conquer the world!”
-Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon had it right – it’s amazing what people will do for you when you recognize their accomplishments.  I’m not saying that medals are the reason that troops serve their country, but recognizing performance is extremely important.  For awhile I was surprised at how much 17-year olds liked seeing a sticker on their paper – but then I remembered how much I enjoyed collecting those stickers on the cover of my graphing calculator back in high school. Be sure to honor your kids in some way when they do great things (academically or personally).  It could be simple things like stickers and high fives.

Don’t forget, however, that no leader says to his troops “If you take out that maching gun nest, I’ll give you a Bronze Star.”  These recognitions have the most impact when they aren’t offered ahead of performance.

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