Give credit where credit is due

December 28, 2008 | Professionalism | RSS 2.0

“Credit for success belongs to everyone. Credit for failure belongs to the senior man present.”
Always Forward Principles of Command Philosophy
(1st Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment)

I heard it said when I was a student, and I heard it come out of my mouth as a teacher…something along the lines of “I taught this (twice!) and most of the class still failed the test!”

It took me awhile to realize that if that’s the case, I didn’t actually teach the material.  I may have presented it, I may have come up with great lesson plans, but in the end if learning didn’t occur, then neither did teaching…and teaching is my responsibility.

Just like most privates are going to find ways to get themselves into trouble without good NCO supervision, most students are going to have (to them) more important things to deal with than school.  It’s our job to find ways over, around, and through those obstacles to make sure that learning occurs.

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