Be Apolitical (at least officially)

December 27, 2008 | Professionalism | RSS 2.0

OK – this is a little late, but I’m not waiting four years until the next election to talk about this.  Service members aren’t supposed to be political, at least not in their official capacity.  Sure, we would talk politics while eating or cleaning weapons, but you would never hear an NCO or officer telling people under his command who to vote for.  We weren’t even supposed to show up at a political rally in uniform, lest we give the appearance that the military was endorsing a certain candidate.

Teachers should be the same way.

Of course an election is an important time for teachers to discuss our political system and the related concepts.  I’m even ok with teachers responding individually to questions about why they are voting they way they do.  But what this woman does is ridiculously over the line.  In situations of opinion, students should feel free to voice theirs without being told essentially that they are idiots.

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