About me

Growing up, I heard many stories about my Grandfather’s service during WWII, flying cargo planes over “The Hump” between India and China.  My great uncle was in the tank destroyer corps, and my older cousin started military life as an enlisted MP before going on to become an Army helicopter pilot.  Wanting to serve my country, I followed in the Army tradition and joined the Army Reserve partway through college.

I trained as a Civil Affairs Specialist (short description: winning hearts and minds) and as a French linguist (Distinguished Honor Graduate at CA school – it’s the military equivalent of Valedictorian).  I rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant and was in my third year of teaching high school math when I was deployed as a  Civil Affairs Team NCO to Kuwait and later Iraq in 2002-03.  My team worked with a British CA team in southern Iraq, supporting the Royal Marines’ 3 Commando Brigade.

My deployment (and the rest of my military career) was cut short by a chronic health condition, and I still miss serving in uniform.  Now I support the military and veterans in any way I can, and I hope they will enjoy this site as a tribute to all the military has taught me.

Now back at school, I teach every level of high school math from special education through Advanced Placement Calculus.  I coach the girls’ gymnastics team, and I’m the resident tech-geek/webmaster for my building.  In my down time I enjoy playing piano, working with power tools, reading, and playing with my wonderful neice and nephew.